Turf Protection Program

Liquid 32% U.A.N

  • Provides a readily available nitrogen source in liquid form for immediate turf response and green-up

Non water-soluble urea

  • Coated urea provides slow release nitrogen to feed turf between applications (25-40%)


  • Granular nitrogen source

Our Approach to Turf Fertilization and Weed Control

3 Forms of Nitrogen in Each Application
Nitrogen Stabilizer/Fixer With Each Application
  • Helps prevent nitrogen from leaching into ground water

  • Helps prevent surface applied nitrogen from volatilizing

  • Manages nitrogen during key growth stages

  • Reduces nitrogen loss

  • Increases nitrogen availability and uptake

All active ingredients (herbicides/pesticides) are applied in liquid form instead of granular

  • Liquid application provides a more uniform and consistent application

  • Much less weather dependent

  • Weeds/pests respond much more quickly to liquid application ​

All Active Ingredients are Sprayed

Five Stage Turf Protection Program Breakdown

Late March - Early April

  • Nitrogen (3 Forms)​

  • Granular phosphorus and potassium

  • Pre emergent grassy weed control*

  • Optional core aeration


Mid May

  • ​Nitrogen (3 forms)

  • Granular phosphorus and potassium

  • Post emergent broadleaf  weed control

Late August - Early September

  • ​Nitrogen (3 forms)

  • Granular phosphorus and potassium

  • Broadleaf weed control as needed

Early July

  • ​Nitrogen (3 forms)

  • Granular phosphorus and potassium

  • Post emergent broadleaf and grassy  weed control

  • Optional grub control application

Mid October

  • ​Nitrogen (3 forms)

  • Slow release winterizing fertilizer

  • Optional core aeration





Notes on Turf Protection

  • If you have done, or are planning to do, any spring grass seeding please let us know.  Our applicator will be glad to meet with you and flag out the area so that we do not apply pre-emergent chemical to the seeded area.

  • Early July during our third application is the ideal time to target white grubs. White grubs are the larvae of various adult beetles and can pose a major threat to your turf. For more information on white grubs, treatment, and pricing please Contact Us.

  • Spring and fall are the ideal times for core aeration. To learn more about the benefits of core aeration Click Here, or Request a Quote